The solution

Symbioses is a fully operational, turn-key solution for interoperable, low latency, and affordable Cloud Computing.

Symbioses delivers the benefits of forging spare computing capacity of millions of devices around the world. Symbioses does not require technical knowledge for its usage thus drastically expanding the potential user base. Symbioses instantly monetizes the idle computing resources of the devices you own and expands their profitability potential.

Symbioses seamlessly integrates the best aspects of traditional cloud services and non-interoperable decentralized networks. The synergy between these technologies will allow complementary benefits in ways their creators never thought possible.

These unique and advanced features improve the user experience on the network:

  • Blockchain Optimized features integrated to improve both outcome verification and provider profitability. (Third Party Arbitration / Usage Efficiency)

  • Diversity of the hardware the network can assimilate, thus expanding target producer audience. (GPU Support, Multi-Platform Support, and Multi-OS Support)

  • Frictionless User Experience to minimize barriers for enterprise adoption and non-technical user penetration. (Legacy Application Integration / Auction & Adaptive Pricing)

  • Exceptional Security & Encryption embedded for additional layers of protection to meet heightened consumer and corporate demands.


Symbioses is fully encrypted providing both the producer and end-user full security through the SYMIO protocol. The SYMIO protocol does this by:

  • Encrypting both input and output data
  • Avoiding open extra ports
  • Using a multi-tenant system via hosting of third-party SaaS and data
  • Utilizing symmetric-key algorithms for encryption and verification.

All traffic within the Symbioses Network is secured using symmetric-key encryption. Even the same data transmitted by two different users in the network shows a complete different set of bits transmitted at the lower layers of the network.

The protocol

SYMIO is an off-chain, agnostic protocol. This makes it both considerably more scalable as well as interoperable with other decentralized technologies. The SYMIO Protocol provides the following features:


Symbioses abstraction layer on top of the Ethereum blockchain allows the SYMIO off-chain protocol to asynchronously distribute computing jobs while the blockchain settles the transactions.


In the case of the Symbioses Network being fully occupied with computing jobs, the extra / unallocated capacity can be offloaded to an external centralized or a decentralized cloud provider.

Speed & efficiency

SYMIO minimizes verification latency of existing blockchains, which permits direct interconnection to application programming interfaces (APIs). SYMIO aggregates block verification when presenting transactions back onto the Ethereum blockchain for improved efficiency and a dramatic reduction of the block verification expense to the end user.

Proof of Work Resources (PoWR)

The SYMIO protocol uses Proof of Work Resources (PoWR) to create an incentive for Producers to participate in a competition for hosting a SaaS instance and calculating its results correctly demonstrating their contribution to the network. This forms the basis of earning SYM tokens.

SYMIO is a dark-pool protocol, meaning that it is not biased towards who is rewarded for computing power. PoWR enables a useful blockchain framework that does not waste computing power on hash discovery, but rather shares these resources towards useful tasks required by the Consumers.

Developed Applications

Intuitive user applications for both the Producers and Consumers at any technical level.

The Producer Application incorporates potential profitability analysis allowing the user to input their electricity rate and setting their availability to the network (also available in a headless version for server implementation). Producers can potentially improve their profitability as SaaS deployment improves profitability by up to 10x versus crypto-mining alone.

Producer Application
Consumer Dashboard

The Consumer Dashboard displays the user’s token balance, the user’s history, and the available job functions. New jobs are launched via this application. The end user can tailor their search based on budget and requirements of facility type, connectivity, availability and producer reputation.

Symbioses substantially lowers the consumers’ cost of compute resources by up to 90% versus existing cloud-based solutions. The embedded job functions reduces adaptation and frictional costs incurred by consumers to implement solutions.

Symbioses is ready to use, contact our team to request a demo.


Lucas Figueroa

An early adopter of blockchain technology & crypto currencies, Lucas is an serial entrepreneur who developed brand, marketing and go-to-market strategies for Telefonica, Universal Studios, Paramount, Disney, Fox and MTV. He produced branded content for Vodafone, Samsung, and Canon in Europe, and later founded New Frequency S.L. He is also a member of the Board at Phoenix Crypto Asset Management.

Lucas Benedicic, PhD, MSc

Lucas has a PhD in Computer Science and more than 10 years of experience in Heterogeneous systems and High Performance Computing. He also has more then 10 years of experience in telecommunications. Over the past 4 years Lucas leads the technical team behind the design of the protocol and core elements of the Symbioses Ecosystem. Having worked as a researcher on parallel metaheuristics and heterogeneous HPC platforms, he brings to Symbioses a vast experience from both academia and business sector.

Shawn Capper, MBA, CFA

CFA, MBA - financial service industry experience for over 20 years in firms such as JP Morgan Chase, US Trust Company and Lehman Brothers. He managed portfolios with assets under management over $2 billion in equities, fixed income, foreign currencies, venture capital and hedge funds with a focus on FInTech investments.

Software engineer
Sebastian Cativa, MSc

He brings many years of experience in designing algorithms for image analysis. Sebastian works focus on the distributed deployment of stochastic techniques for image reconstruction, and the recognition of elements in the images of very high resolution.

Software engineer
Staš Bevc, PhD, MSc

Stas is an expert in designing streamlined user interfaces for powerful yet easy-to-use apps. Has years of experience working on many computer science projects, with a PhD degree in molecular dynamics, and a Masters degree in data structures and algorithms.

Software engineer
Mitja Sušec, BSc

Mitja is responsible for administrating the server infrastructure at Symbioses. He has years of experience in server administration, web content management and traffic analytics. He is also a multiple-certified professional in front-end web development and low-level server technologies.


SATORI Co-founder
Michael Migliero

Michael is an early Ethereum investor and blockchain technology evangelist. He joined MZ in 2015 following its acquisition of the mobile real-time bidding tech company that Michael co-founded in 2013. He brings over 10 years of technical marketing and entrepreneurial experience to MZ's user acquisition division.

AMAZON AWS Blockchain
Lev Dubinets

Lev is an accomplished software engineer who has worked at the forefront of cloud computing at Microsoft and Amazon. Since getting involved in the crypto space in 2014, he has won awards at blockchain-focused hackathons and helped start the AWS Blockchain Templates team. Lev will apply his broad experience in both blockchain technology and distributed systems to help Symbioses become a leader in decentralized computation.

WINGS Co-founder
Dominik Zynis

Dominik is currently focused on managing a fund focused on investments in cryptographic p2p network technologies and companies that will power next wave of Web applications, Internet of Things and Financial Services. His past professional achievements include Mastercoin Foundation - Built and ran Communications/PR and BizDev teams for the 1st Bitcoin 2.0 peer to peer asset exchange.


4Q 2014

Development of the SYMIO protocol began

1Q 2017

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Validated

2Q 2017

Off-chain Protocol MVP integrated wth a blockchain.

3Q 2017

Alpha version of the Client Application developed

4Q 2017

Alpha version of the Client Application ported to Windows

1Q 2018

Successful deployment of the Headless Application version deployed on a server infrastructure

2Q 2018

Completed Scalability testing of the off-chain protocol

Molecular Dynamics simulation successfully deployed

3Q 2018

Initial version of Consumer Dashboard implemented

TensorFlow application (artificial intellegence) launched within our network

Deployment of a parallel Molecular Dynamics simulation on the Symbioses Network