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What is it?

Symbioses delivers the benefits of forging spare computing capacity of millions of devices around the world.

Symbioses does not require technical knowledge for its usage thus drastically expanding the potential user base.

Symbioses instantly monetizes the idle computing resources of the devices you own and expands their profitability potential.

Symbioses will seamlessly integrate the best aspects of traditional cloud services and non-interoperable decentralized networks. The synergy between these technologies will allow complementary benefits in ways their creators never thought possible.

The problem

Demand for computing power and storage capacity will increase exponentially in the coming years. Growth restrictions of Blockchains need to be resolved to allow decentralized computing to be a serious contender to centralized cloud based solutions.

Non-interoperable Technologies

Current technologies are not interoperable between one another. Symbioses can connect to these external systems.


The high prices of the centralized cloud providers make computing services unreachable for many.


Ethereum-based scheduling protocols suffer from low number of transactions, potentially deteriorating the scalability of the network.

the solution

Symbioses combines available computing resources into accessible software solutions available in a pay-as-you-go manner.

Fully compatible with existing cloud solutions and advanced distributed computing technologies, Symbioses empowers connected devices to forge their computing resources into turn-key solutions, determining their price, negotiating terms, executing agreements and gathering the rewards.

Producers Application

Consumers Dashboard

SYMIO Protocol

Our off-chain protocol eliminates scalability barriers in a fully automated process with zero user intervention.

Minimal latency

Computation and data closer together, maximum potential with minimum latency.

for everybody

Symbioses realizes these processes through a simple APP for all devices with a processor. You do not have to be an expert or a technician to use it.



The verification mechanism that is critical to several crypto currencies like bitcoin involves a computationally intensive process known as block mining.
Symbioses uses this well-known instrument to harden a robust network of computing resources, and a base line for Producers to monetize their shared devices.


Giving instant access to a vast pool of computing resources, Symbioses can render images and videos at a competitive price compared with traditional render farms. Symbioses provides turn-key solutions for the most popular render engines available in the market.


The decentralized network Symbioses represents the next generation of accurate and verifiable scientific simulations, giving access to the computing power required to drive the research behind climate change, new materials, studying of deceases and similar.


The computing resources provided by the Symbioses network offer turn-key solutions to host up and scale up deep-neural-network training software.
Being cost efficient means accessing more computing power at Symbioses than on the current cloud providers at lower price. Moreover, Symbioses consistently supports existing machine-learning software like TensorFlow, Apache Spark, Caffe, including access to GPUs.




Instantly monetize your computing devices seamlessly and automatically.


Generate revenue from sharing your spare capacity on the Symbioses Network.

Producers within the Symbioses Ecosystem are rewarded for the resources they provide to the network. The Client Application, a lightweight interface with the rest of the Symbioses Ecosystem, turns a device into a Producer of computing resources thus starting earning right after installing it.

It can easily be deployed using a graphical user interface, the design of which follows modern standards of desktop OS, or in headless mode taylored for server-like appliances.

The Client Application takes care of:

  • communications between the Producer's device and the rest of the Symbioses Ecosystem,
  • deployment of Consumer's applications before their execution,
  • logging information to support complete transparency,
  • updating the application binaries so thatthey are always up-to-date,
  • automatically scheduling the device resources based on its usage and electricity power source,
  • optimize the usage efficiency by mining during down-cycles.


Decentralized networks can save up to 90% compared to traditional cloud services.

By minimizing maintenance and overhead costs, decentralized networks can drastically reduce the prices offered to deliver the requested computing resources.

Generate revenue to offset your current cloud service expense by sharing the spare capacity on the Symbioses Network.

The Client Application can easily be deployed using a graphical user interface, the design of which follows modern standards of desktop OS, or in headless mode tailored for cloud server instances.

Auctions and adaptive pricing: profit from large amounts of available computing resources by bidding your offer in an open market. Tailor bids to match your time requirement and budget.

Symbioses incorporates a software-agent mechanism that automates the double-auction method for trading computing resources. The SYMIO protocol calculates the initial suggested price before deploying an application. Then, Consumers may alter their offer deciding how much a certain execution is worth, given a particular use case and set of requirements.

This bidding mechanism has the ability of shaping the pricing of the computing resources in an open market, since the negotiated prices are used as seeds for calculating subsequent suggested prices of similar executions.

Third-party arbitration permits automated output verification, a major benefit of decentralization.

When result verification of the delivered results is requested, Symbioses will compare results delivered by different Producers between each other. Should they differ, more Producers are randomly brought in by the SYMIO protocol to solve the dispute.

Note that, due to the dark-pool nature of the protocol, the Producers have no visibility or knowledge about the role they will fulfill once they deliver their results. This prevents a-priori negotiations between Producers willing to mark an execution as broken and claim the payment for it.

Instantly exploit the benefits of the Symbioses Ecosystem by integrating your legacy applications.

No reimplementation of software. Profit without requirement to adopt current software to another platform thus minimizing software integration expense.


Access control to your data is supported by robust and state-of-the-art techniques: allowing only you to access your data, not even Symbioses can access it!

When evaluating the security of the Symbioses Ecosystem consider the roles and interests of the parties involved:

  • a data provider wants the data to be protected from theft and may want to have control over it;
  • a software provider wants the software to be protected from theft;
  • a consumer needs to securely access the output data produced by an application after processing some input data;
  • a producer wants the data on the shared device to be protected from theft while sharing computing resources.

The Symbioses Ecosystem implements a security model using asymmetric cryptography, where one component may be disseminated widely and the other one is known only to the owner. This accomplishes the authentication function, where the disseminated component verifies who the owner of a digital asset is. The encryption function is performed only when the private component can decrypt a given digital asset.


Michael is an early Ethereum investor and blockchain technology evangelist. He joined MZ in 2015 following its acquisition of the mobile real-time bidding tech company that Michael co-founded in 2013. He brings over 10 years of technical marketing and entrepreneurial experience to MZ's user acquisition division.

Lev is an accomplished software engineer who has worked at the forefront of cloud computing at Microsoft and Amazon. Since getting involved in the crypto space in 2014, he has won awards at blockchain-focused hackathons and helped start the AWS Blockchain Templates team. Lev will apply his broad experience in both blockchain technology and distributed systems to help Symbioses become a leader in decentralized computation.

Dominik is currently focused on managing a fund focused on investments in cryptographic p2p network technologies and companies that will power next wave of Web applications, Internet of Things and Financial Services. His past professional achievements include Mastercoin Foundation - Built and ran Communications/PR and BizDev teams for the 1st Bitcoin 2.0 peer to peer asset exchange.


Lucas Figueroa

CEO / Founder

An early adopter of blockchain technology & crypto currencies, Lucas is an serial entrepreneur who developed brand, marketing and go-to-market strategies for Telefonica, Universal Studios, Paramount, Disney, Fox and MTV. He produced branded content for Vodafone, Samsung, and Canon in Europe, and later founded New Frequency S.L. He is also a member of the Board at Phoenix Crypto Asset Management.

Lucas has a PhD in Computer Science and more than 10 years of experience in Heterogeneous systems and High Performance Computing. He also has more then 10 years of experience in telecommunications. Lucas leads the technical team behind the design of the protocol and core elements of the Symbioses Ecosystem. Having worked as a researcher on parallel metaheuristics and heterogeneous HPC platforms, he brings to Symbioses a vast experience from both academia and business sector.

Shawn Capper


CFA, MBA - financial service industry experience for over 20 years in firms such as JP Morgan Chase, US Trust Company and Lehman Brothers. He managed portfolios with assets under management over $2 billion in equities, fixed income, foreign currencies, venture capital and hedge funds with a focus on FInTech investments.

Joaquin Muñoz

Legal Advisor Spain

Elected Best Lawyer of the Year for 2018 for Information Technology Law for “Best Lawyer” publication. Joaquin led a case against Google at the European Court. Following his work this Court of Justice, in a landmark ruling, ruled that there is a ‘right to be forgotten’ online. This case granted Joaquin the prize for the Best Case of the Year by the American Lawyers publication

Vandres loves being involved in the blockchain sector and creating and interacting with crypto communities. He has been developing online communities all over the social media during the past two years. He has worked on several projects including æternity, Hacken, Oxycoin and BitBoost. He is a problem solver, enjoys his tasks on the online social media world, and brings key added value to Symbioses community development.

He brings many years of experience in designing algorithms for image analysis. Sebastian works focus on the distributed deployment of stochastic techniques for image reconstruction, and the recognition of elements in the images of very high resolution.

Jeri Morgan

Head of Communications

Jeri brings 10 years experience working in FinTech within financial services in NYC, Europe and LatAm. She worked on large scale global SaaS product for the Asset Management industry where she handled client communications, account management and client relationships. Her systems exposure includes distributed asynchronous calculation cloud service that covers multi-asset class security level analytics, scenario analysis and factor based risk models and hybrid attribution. Going forward she will be responsible for client and investor communications.

Stas is an expert in designing streamlined user interfaces for powerful yet easy-to-use apps. Has years of experience working on many computer science projects, with a PhD degree in molecular dynamics, and a Masters degree in data structures and algorithms.

Fabien Gillioz


Fabien advises Swiss and International clients, ranging from entrepreneurs and SME companies to regulated businesses, in corporate and commercial law.
His experience enables him to assist companies on every stage of corporate life, including incorporation, restructuring, relocation and liquidation.
He is an expert in ICOs and Swiss & international regulation.

Alexandre de Boccard


Alexandre advices Swiss and international financial institutions such as banks, securities dealers, fund management companies, asset managers of collective investment schemes as well as independent asset managers on Swiss financial laws and regulations.

PABLO Burgueno


Pablo is a lawyer specialized on cybersecurity. He is a Senior member of Europol group focused on cryptocurrencies and data protection. His work on cybersecurity includes several conferences at the European Commission and various blockchain related publications in the US Congress Library. He is the founder of Escila ( IT security and audit company) , Nevtrace (blockchain laboratory that provides services to private and public sector clients) and Abanlex ( law firm specialized in IT).

Maika Saenz

Office Manager

Maika assumes the responsibility of everything that happens in our HQ office. She has more than 20 years of experience in production companies, agencies and start-ups

Mitja Susec

System Administrator

Mitja is responsible for administrating the server infrastructure at Symbioses. He has years of experience in server administration, web content management and traffic analytics. He is also a multiple-certified professional in front-end web development and low-level server technologies.

Road map

4Q 2016

Design of the first alternative and viable prototype

1Q 2017

With the blockchain scalability issues gaining more attention, the team recognized about the potential of this technology for decentralized and blockchain-driven applications.

2Q 2017

First proof-of-concept running on top of a blockchain.

3Q 2017

ICO Summit. Initial Business Development around the tech. Business creation around the existing MVP.

4Q 2017

First public presentation of the project and business proposal in a Blockchain event in Switzerland.

1Q 2018

Prototype version available for public testing and access.

3Q 2018

Private sale

4Q 2018


4Q 2018

Phase 1
Block mining

1Q 2019

Internal capacity built out

2Q 2019

Phase 2

Scientific simulations

3Q 2019


4Q 2019

Deep learning

1Q 2020

Phase 3
Latency minimization

2Q 2020

Result validation

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Symbioses SA is incorporated in Zug, Switzerland,
and a member of the Crypto Valley Association.